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Nike Phantom GX II Pro TF Turf Soccer Shoe - Black/Black

Nike Phantom GX II Pro TF Turf Soccer Shoe - Black/Black

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Nike Phantom GX 2 Pro
TF Low-Top Soccer Shoes
Serious about your game? We made this for you. In the middle of the storm, with chaos swirling all around you, you’ve calmly found the final third of the field, thanks to your uncanny mix of on-ball guile and grace. Go finish the job in the Phantom GX 2 Pro. Take your skills to the next level with some of Nike’s greatest innovations, like a stretchy Flyknit upper and Nike Cyclone 360 traction guiding your unscripted agility.

Touch for All Conditions
A grippy overlay covers the striking area of the shoe, stretching from the big-toe side all the way across the laces to the pinky toe, allowing clean boot-to-ball kicks. The material helps give you control in damp and dry weather.
Quick Traction
Nike Cyclone 360 traction pattern helps you make quicker (improved agility when making cuts) and confident (helps reduce rotational traction) movements, so you can cut with speed while feeling fully secure when the game's intensity turns up.
Snug Fit
Flyknit material provides snugness and shape to help provide comfort around the collar.

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For use on shorter, synthetic surfaces

Cushioned insole

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